Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine
vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging machine. And its main function is to remove the oxygen in the packaging bag, effectively preventing the deterioration of the food. In addition, the vacuum packaging machine can not only remove the oxygen in the packaging bags but also play a role in anti-pressure and fresh-keeping after packaging. While effectively extending the shelf life, it also maintains the color, flavor and nutritional value of the food. It is a product widely used in the food industry.

A brief introduction to vacuum packaging machine

This machine has two vacuum chambers that can alternately work in turn, so this machine is also known as a two-chamber vacuum machine. Although its volume is very small, its function is very complete. This machine integrates many functions such as pumping, sealing, printing, cooling and so on. Applicable to the packaging of food, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic components, aquatic products, and other objects. It can prevent products from oxidizing, mildewing, and dampness so that to prolong the storage life of products.

Application Range
application range


The structure of the vacuum packaging machine is as follows

The automatic vacuum packaging machine is composed of an electrical system, a vacuum system, a heat sealing system, and a temperature control system. When working, put the packaged items (plastic composite bag or aluminum foil composite bag) into the bag and put them on the work panel. After clamping with the sealing clip, move the vacuum cover down to seal the vacuum chamber. At this time, the vacuum pump starts to work, and the vacuum situation can be detected by the vacuum meter. After meeting the requirements, the pneumatic and electrical control system are used for sealing and cooling. Then open the cover and start the next cycle again.

The circulation procedure is: put the goods in place – close the vacuum cover and pump the package into vacuum – heat sealing – cooling – vacuum chamber opening – work is completed.

Structure Of The Vacuum Packaging Machine
structure of the vacuum packaging machine

How does the vacuum packaging machine work

Generally speaking, food deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activities, and most microbial activities require oxygen. According to scientific research, when the concentration of oxygen in packaging is less than 1%, the activity of microorganisms will drop sharply. If the concentration is less than 0.5%, most microorganisms will stop activity and reproduction. The vacuum packaging machine achieves the purpose of inhibiting microbial activity by discharging oxygen from the package.

In addition to inhibiting the activity of microorganisms, the vacuum packaging machine can also prevent oxidation of food. The effects of unsaturated fatty acids and oxygen in oily foods can seriously affect the taste of food. In addition, the oxidation reaction will also cause the loss of pigments, vitamin A and vitamin C contained in the food, affecting the color and nutrients of the food. However, it is worth mentioning that some foods are not suitable for packaging with vacuum packaging machines, such as crispy and brittle, easy to agglomerate, easily deformed and oil spill, sharp and angular food.

A Real Shot Of Vacuum Packaging Machine
a real shot of vacuum packaging machine


Advantages of vacuum sealer

  1. The whole machine adopts imported PLC programmable logic control, and the machine can realize counting and operation memory function.
  2. Equipped with computer touch screen and fully sealed operating system. It can operate normally even in high temperature and high-temperature environment, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.
  3. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and can be directly rinsed with clean water.
  4. The heating system uses a unique heating method that saves energy.
  5. The machine is small in size and high in work efficiency.
  6. This machine uses double chamber work, which can double the output.
  7. It is suitable for small batch production and medium batch production. It can cooperate with the pipeline operation and improve work efficiency.
  8. The machine is equipped with printing equipment, which can print clearly and change the printing content conveniently. At the same time, the seal line can be printed with the product’s shelf life, factory date, trademark number and other words in line with the National Trademark Law.
Vacuum Pump
vacuum pump


Technical parameters of vacuum packaging machine

ModelVacuum chamber size(mm)Voltage(v)Size(mm)Vacuum degree ((Pa)Power(kw)
TZ-400/2S520*500*100380(220)1030*520*910≤ 2002
TZ-500/2s620*580*1003801220*580*910≤ 2002.5
TZ-600/2s720*620*1003801430*720*950≤ 2003
TZ-700/2s820*720*1003801630*810*950≤ 2004
TZ-800/2s920*820*1003801830*820*950≤ 2005
Power of pump2.25KW
Heat-sealing power1.5KW
Lowest absolute pressure0.1pa
The volume of vacuum case660×530×130(mm)
Sealing strip size600×10mm
Number of heaters4PCS
Exhausted of vacuum pump60m3/h
the material of vacuum case and hullStainless steel 304
Stock Of The Vacuum Packaging Machine
the stock of the vacuum packaging machine

Maintenance of vacuum packaging machine

  1. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
  2. Before packaging, you need to set the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time. The setting should be from low to high. Note: The voltage and heat seal time cannot be changed again during the work to avoid burning the insulation cloth, rubber board or silicone strip.
  3. Frequently check whether there is a foreign body on the hot press frame or heating isolation cloth, whether it is flat or not. In order to avoid the situation of improper sealing.
  4. Regular maintenance of the vacuum pump.
  5. Check that the ground wire of the machine is in good contact and ensure the safe use of electricity.
  6. When the machine breaks down, press the emergency stop button first. After releasing the air in the airbag of the working chamber, lift it up, then turn off the power supply, check the cause, and troubleshoot.
  7. When replacing the sealing pad of the working chamber. Only pull down the sealing strip of the upper cover by hand, and then load the new sealing pad of the working chamber according to the original position. Finally, making it flat.

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