Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine | Abrasive Peeler for Potato

Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine
potato peeling and cutting machine

The potato peeling and cutting machine is a mechanical device that combines cleaning, peeling and shredding. It has the characteristics of simple operation, easy use, safe and reliable, and reasonable price. Fully automatic potato peeler and cutter can be used to cut various bulbous vegetables, fruits. So it can meet the needs of kitchen nutrition diversity. It can be widely used in restaurants, hotels, factories and other food processing institutions.

Working Principle of the Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine:

This machine is composed of a cleaning and peeling cylinder, a feeding tray and a potato cutting machine. The whole fuselage is reasonable in design, simple in structure and convenient in use. It integrates cleaning, peeling and cutting.

When the potatoes are put into the barrel, the machine starts to rotate. The strong centrifugal force makes the potatoes friction with the barrel wall. The cylinder wall is equipped with specially made diamond particles, which are durable and not easy to wear and tear. During this period, due to the constant collision and friction of the potatoes on the barrel, the peeling efficiency of the potatoes is higher, and the skin is rinsed with a flushing pipe, and the dirt flows out through the water outlet.

Pusher Of The Machine
Pusher Of The Machine

The Operation Method of Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine:

Potato rinsing and peeling is an important part of the potato processing industry. At present, domestic and foreign potato peeling methods mainly include manual peeling, mechanical peeling, chemical peeling, radiation peeling, and steam peeling. Mechanical peeling is more efficient than manual peeling. Compared with chemical peeling, mechanical peeling does not add any chemicals, which is safer and more reliable. In addition, mechanical peeling is also cheaper than radiation peeling and steam peeling, and the operation is simple. The machine is mechanically peeled, and the cleaning and peeling part is composed of a barrel, an inlet pipe, a discharge port, and a drain port.

Instructions of This Potato Processing Equipment:

  1. Turn on the power, start the switch, and observe whether the rotation direction of the dial in the cylinder is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the machine. If it is different, reconnect any two phases of the three-phase power supply. Connect the water inlet to the tap water switch port with a hose. The sewage discharge can be connected to the hose, put the container or directly drain the water channel according to the situation.
  2. Turn on the machine and put the potatoes from the cover. QS400-10type/5-8kg and QS400-30 type/8-12kg are suitable.
  3. Open the water intake switch, discharge water into the cylinder, adjust the discharge amount appropriately, and start the switch.
  4. The potato peeling and cutting machine works for about 2 minutes. Turn off the power switch and the water intake switch. Depending on the peeling situation of potatoes, if the peel of potatoes has been peeled off, the cylinder door can be opened and the power switch can be activated. The potatoes are automatically unloaded from the cylinder door under the rotating impetus of the dial.
  5. In the course of use, if abnormal conditions occur, the power switch should be switched off quickly, and restarted after troubleshooting to make it work normally.

(If you don’t want to use too much water resources, you can adjust the tap output or turn off the tap directly. If necessary, turn on the tap and wash the wall of the cylinder at intervals according to the situation.)

Blade Of The Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine
Blade Of The Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine

Use Precautions:

  1. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there are any sundries in the rotary drum, otherwise the blade will be damaged.
  2. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the barrel.
  3. Before cleaning and disassembling, first, disconnect the power supply to stop the machine running.
  4. In order to ensure safety, the machine must be grounded reliably.
  5. The bearing is replaced with calcium-based grease once every 3 months.
  6. Do not press the switch with wet hands during the process to prevent electric shock.
Real Shot Of The Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine
Real Shot Of The Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine

Advantage of Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine:

  1. The whole body of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which guarantees no rust, no corrosion, and no poison during use.
  2. Peeling is clean, time-saving, water-saving, electricity-saving and safe. After peeling, the product is clean and hygienic, and there will be no cracking and fragmentation.
  3. Can handle taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on, similar size products can also be quickly peeled together.
  4. Low production cost, saving time, water and electricity.
  5. It has the advantages of simple operation, high speed, and efficiency, and can be operated by one person.
  6. The thickness of the blade shred can be adjusted freely. The surface of the cut piece, wire and strip are smooth and there is no breakage. It can be said that this machine is the most advanced potato peeling and cutting equipment in China.
  7. Easy to clean. Clean and hygienic.
  8. This machine is also the main machine of the potato chips production line.
  9. Save money. You don’t need to buy a potato peeling machine and a potato cutting machine separately.
Working Process Of The Potato Peeler And Slicer Machine
Working Process Of The Potato Peeler And Slicer Machine

Parameter of the Potato Peeler and Cutter Machine:

Type Power kW/h Weight kg Size mm Output kg/h
QS400-10 0.75kw/220v 100kg 880*510*980 80
QS400-30 1.1kw/380v 130kg 1130*660*1130 150
WD200 1.1kw 120kg 750*500*1100 200
WD400 1.5kw 140kg 950*700*1150 400

In Taizy machinery, we have four types of potato peeler and cutter machines with different output. If you have other requirements for output, please feel free to contact us.