Cashew Grading Machine

Cashew Grading Machine-3
cashew grading machine-3

Cashew grading machine is an essential machine for the processing of cashew nuts. It is a machine before cashew nut peeling. This machine can effectively divide the cashew nuts into 3-5 grades according to their size. Compared with traditional manual picking, the cashew fruit grander greatly shortens the working time, saves human resources and ensures the quality of cashew nuts. Different grades of cashew nuts are sold at different prices on the market. You can get more profit by grading the cashews when selling them or making subsequent processing.

Real Shot Of Cashew Grading Machine
real shot of cashew grading machine


Introduction of the Cashew Grading machine:

Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients and are therefore known as “one of the  four major dried fruits in the world.” The shape of the cashew nuts is different. In order to improve the shelling integrity of the cashew nuts, the cashew nuts are generally divided into 3-5 grades. In general, the level width is divided into four categories: 23 mm or less, 21-23 mm, 23-25 mm, and 25 mm or more.

Cashew Grader
cashew grader

The Components and Operation Methods of the Cashew Grader:

The machine is composed of transmission structure, grading structure, frame, and some other parts.


  1. Before starting the machine, first, check whether the transmission mechanism and circuit are normal and then turn it on.
  2. Turn on the power and turn it in the direction of the arrow. It cannot be reversed.
  3. Pour the raw fruit into the hopper continuously, adjust the size of the feeding door, and make the cashews evenly enter the grading bucket.
  4. Place the hopper in the discharge port to receive the material, and the cashew nut is graded.
Cashew Fruit
cashew fruit

How does the cashew grading machine work?

The main screening component of the cashew fruit grader is a rotating classifying cylinder. Inside the classifying cylinder, there are three different sieves from large to small. During the operation of the machine, the cashew nuts rotate with the classification cylinder, and the smaller cashew nuts are first selected from the holes, and the slightly larger cashew nuts are pushed into the lower sieve during the rotation of the drum, and so on. Achieve the rating effect.

Advantages of Cashew Sorting Machine:

  1. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient.
  2. There is corresponding hopper feeding under each grading cylinder, and the selected cashew nuts will not be mixed.
  3. The machine is equipped with cleaning rollers. In the process of rotating and grading, there will be some cashew nuts blocking the sieve hole. At this time, the hard hairs of the synchronously turning cleaning roller will clear out the blocked cashew nuts, thus avoiding the blocking phenomenon.
  4. Classification efficiency is high. A small cashew nut classifier is equivalent to more than a dozen workers working at the same time. The grading effect is good.
Cashew Grading Machine For Sale
cashew grading machine for sale


Parameters of Cashew Grading Machine:

Small size Cashew grading machine400 kg/h1.1kw3.6*0.9*1.6m450kg
Large size cashew grading machine2000kg/h1.5kw8*1.9*3.23000kg

( Note: this machine can be customized.)

The figure shows the parameters of large and small raw cashew grader, and the output is 400kg / h and 2000kg / h respectively. But if you have other needs, Taizy machinery can provide you with customized services.