How about the profit of opening a shop with an egg roll machine?

Sesame Egg Roll
sesame egg roll

The egg roll is a very delicious snack. I believe many people who want to invest will be confused about whether making an egg roll with an egg roll machine can make a profit or not. As we all know, whether a shop can make a profit depends on many factors, which can not be generalized.

Many customers who want to open a shop often ask a question when consulting the sales staff of egg roll machine of Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. That is, how big is the profit of opening a small egg roll shop?

Crispy Egg Roll
Crispy Egg Roll

So let’s analyze the profit here:


The raw materials for making egg rolls are water, eggs, flour, sugar, etc. Compared with hand-made egg rolls, the investment in raw materials will not increase. Moreover, due to the use of egg roll machine, human capital investment has been greatly reduced, but the output value per unit time has increased accordingly. Using machines can save costs and improve production power.

Raw Material
Raw Material


The ability to make money by opening a small omelet store is certainly not as powerful as that of a large one. But they can also be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example, the location of small omelet shops has absolute advantages. The small egg roll shop can easily choose the address in the neighborhood or on the first floor of the unit building, which is very convenient for consumers. Small stores are also priced lower because of housing rentals, so they can win more long-term consumers at a lower price.

The Shorter End Product
The Shorter End Product

Last but not least:

It is also necessary to consider how much money the entrepreneur has. For the brothers who started the business, they must consider their own funds’ accounting, and cannot blindly expand production and increase investment.

Is it good to open a small egg roll shop? Summarizing the above analysis, we can see that the profit of the store is very related to the local population distribution, consumption level, and other factors, and the production method is different. The cost is not the same. It can be seen that using the egg roll machine to get out of the egg roll can save a lot of cost. So we can’t simply say which store is profitable.

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