Commercial frozen meat slicer | Frozen meat planer

Commercial Frozen Meat Slicer
commercial frozen meat slicer

The commercial frozen meat slicer is also called the frozen meat planer, frozen meat crusher. It uses the principle of hydraulic and hob dicing to cut frozen meat into slices.

Introduction of the commercial frozen meat slicer:

The frozen meat slicer can slice the boneless meat without thawing, which is convenient for the secondary processing of the meat grinder or chopper.

This machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic pushing device, pushing plate, discharge chute, rotary cutter, body, motor, and other parts.

Composition Of This Frozen Meat Planer
Composition Of This Frozen Meat Planer

How does the frozen meat planer work?

This machine can process frozen meat at – 4 ℃ ~ – 18 ℃. In the process of processing, the temperature rises slowly, so the nutrients and substances inside the frozen meat will not be damaged.

During working, the frozen meat is put into the feed tank, and the hydraulic plate is continuously pushed forward under the promotion of the hydraulic system. There are bulges on the hydraulic plate, which can prevent the meat from sliding left and right in the process of cutting. The meat piece is pushed into the cutter part by the hydraulic plate and cut into meat pieces.

Technical data:

Type QKJ-4000
Power (kW) 11KW
Capacity 6T/H
Tem of raw metarial℃ -4~-18
Voltage (v) 380
Material channel width (mm) 500mm
Material channel height (mm) 400mm
Tool roller speed (r/min) 500
 Size (mm) 2400x1070x1180mm

Advantages of this commercial frozen meat slicer:

  1. This machine can be used for cutting meat pieces and blocks, which can facilitate the use of the next process.
  2. High work efficiency and fast speed. It can cut25 kg of meat in just 18 seconds.
  3. The machine is made of high-quality
  4. 304 stainless steel. The track of the pneumatic part for pushing is outside the feeding chamber and does not pollute the material.
  5. The machine is driven by hydraulics, with large hydraulic power and low noise.
  6. The machine is equipped with automatic protection devices and has a high safety factor. The whole machine can be washed with water (except electrical equipment), easy to clean and easy to operate.
Good Effect Of The Commercial Frozen Meat Slicer
Good Effect Of The Commercial Frozen Meat Slicer

How to maintain the frozen meat planer?

1. Before use, check the feed chamber for foreign matter to prevent damage to the blade.

2. Do not use this commercial frozen meat slicer to cut meat containing bones. There are special bone and meat separators, bone breakers, etc.

3. Lubricate the machine regularly to check the machine’s operating conditions.


  1. Can I adjust the thickness of the sliced meat?

A: Of course, you can adjust the thickness by adjusting the cutter.

  1. What should I do if the raw material size is too large?

A: You can change the size of the machine’s feed room, our machine can support customization.