Peanut Brittle Production Line

Peanut Candy Production Line
peanut candy production line

The peanut brittle production line is suitable for the production of cereal bars and crispy candy, such as peanut brittle, sesame sugar, sunflower seed brittle and other foods.

The production process of the peanut brittle production line

Baking – Peeling – Making Syrup – Mixing – Forming – Cooling – Cutting – Packaging.

First, the peanuts stripped from the outer shell need to be baked in a peanut baking machine. When the peanuts become brittle and the rich flavors are floating out, the baking can be stopped. Next, put the roasted peanuts into the peeling machine and remove the red skin of the peanuts to avoid affecting the taste of the peanut candy. When peeling, you can cook the syrup at the same time. After that, the syrup is mixed with the peeled peanut kernels and stirred until uniform. After the mixing is completed, the mixed materials can be placed in the machine for molding, cooling, cutting, and finally packaging.

So how many machines can form a complete peanut brittle production line?

Step 1: Baking (Peanut Baking machine)

Baked peanuts must be used in making peanut candy. On the one hand, the roasted peanuts are more fragrant, on the other hand, it is to maintain the crisp taste of peanut candy. This peanut roaster uses the principle of heat radiation and heat conduction to roast peanuts. Material is not in direct contact with open fire. Moreover, the pushing device inside the machine will push the peanut forward continuously to ensure uniform heating.

This machine can set different baking temperatures according to different materials. And after the work is completed, it can automatically alarm, which greatly saves the labor force. It can be used for baking peanuts, almonds, sesame, walnuts, and other materials.

Step 2: Removing the red skin of the peanuts (dry way peanut peeling machine)

The peanut peeling machine is the second machine in the peanut brittle production line. When removing peanut red clothes, this machine does not need to add water, so it is also called a dry peanut peeling machine. The peeling effect of this machine is very good, and the peeling rate is as high as 97%.  Since the peanut is peeled by the method of roller friction and is not beaten, the half-grain rate and the breakage rate are also very low.

This machine has three main functions: peanut peeling function, peanut skin and peanut separation function, peanut breakage and peanut separation function. It is suitable for the peeling of peanuts, almonds, almonds, cashew nuts and other nuts.

Step 3: Making syrup (jacketed pot)

The sandwich pot has a wide application. And it can be used for cooking, porridge, stew, etc. In the peanut brittle production line, the main use of this machine is to make syrup. This type of sandwich pot has a variety of heating methods, electric heating, gas heating, steam heating, electromagnetic heating and so on. During the process of making the syrup, the syrup becomes more and more difficult to stir due to the evaporation of moisture. This jacketed pot comes with a stir rod, which solves the problem of time-consuming and labor-consuming for manual operation. It can be said that the jacketed pot is one of the more widely used machines in the food manufacturing industry.

Step 4: Mixing syrup with peanuts (mixing machine)

The mixing machine is also called a mixer or dough mixer. The purpose of this process is to thoroughly mix the peanuts with the syrup to produce a peanut candy with a uniform mouthfeel. This machine is made of 304 stainless steel and has a solid agitator inside. It has the characteristics of large stirring force, good stirring effect, and low noise. The barrel can be turned over 90 degrees, and the material is more convenient to take.

Using this machine, you can say goodbye to the traditional manual mixing process and easily solve the problem of high labor cost. Compared with the traditional manual mixing, the machine has higher working efficiency, greater mixing strength. And the peanut brittle made by it has a more delicate taste.

Step 5: Forming, cooling, and cutting of peanut sugar (peanut brittle forming and cutting machine)

This machine can be said to be a combination machine that integrates the formation, cooling, and cutting of peanut candy. And the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine mainly includes continuous feeding system, pressing roller, cooling system and cutting system.

The workflow of peanut brittle forming and cutting machine:

paving – conveying – flattening – cooling – re-pressing – cutting (vertical) – straight transverse axis (transverse) – finished products.

This machine is controlled by PLC frequency conversion, equipped with high sensitivity photoelectric eyes. So that it can automatically and accurately track and feedback accurately. In adddition, it has a wide range of applications: can be used in Shaqima, peanut brittle, sunflower seed candy and a series of leisure food production.

This machine is the core machine in the peanut brittle production line. The sesame sugar made from it has a regular shape and less waste. What’s more, you can adjust the size and thickness, and the adjustment method is convenient.

Step 6: Packaging. (Vacuum packing machine)

You can pack the prepared peanut brittle directly. Our company has a variety of packaging machines for you to choose from, this article mainly introduces the pillow packaging machine. (If you need other packing machines, you can leave a message in the background or contact our customer service directly.)

The peanut brittle packaging machine is the machine for removing oxygen from packaging bags. If peanut sugar is directly exposed to the air, it will react with oxygen and water in the air, affecting the taste. The packaged peanut candy can be sold directly, which is very convenient and fast.

The characteristics of peanut sugar production line:

  1. Because the machines in this production line are not fixed, customers can choose suitable machine according to their actual needs.
  2. The machines that are in direct contact with food are made of 304 stainless steel, which is in line with national food hygiene and safety.
  3. Computer programming makes machines more intelligent. It is more worry-free, labor-saving, and time-saving.


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