Some common problems in the baking process of coffee beans

Coffee Bean Roasting Machine
coffee bean roasting machine

Many coffee bean bakers always have a variety of problems when roasting coffee. For example, coffee can have a raw taste, smoky flavor, or the taste of coffee is bitter. Most of these problems are caused by improper operation or inadequate machine maintenance, not the problem of the machine itself. Let’s solve these problems one by one.

Bitterness in coffee beans:

Deeply roasted coffee beans tend to taste bitter and burnt. If you want to avoid this flavor, the common way to deal with it is to adjust the baking time and try not to add fire at the later stage of the baking process. In addition, samples should be taken in advance to observe the roasting of coffee bean baker.

Coffee beans are astringent:

There are many reasons for the astringency of coffee, and many astringencies are caused by the fact that the degree of baking is too shallow. Or the coffee beans themselves are not mature, or the coffee beans themselves carry a bitter taste. Generally speaking, the lighter the roasting degree of coffee, the more obvious the unique flavor of the coffee itself. So for this situation, either do not choose such coffee beans or deepen the roasting depth of coffee.

Coffee beans have a smoky taste:

The outer layer of coffee beans has a thin silver skin, which is very easy to burn. Coffee beans, on the other hand, are easy to breathe in. So if the fan can’t deal with the falling silver skin in time, it is easy to produce a smoky smell. So if you have a smoky taste in your coffee, there must be something wrong with the smoke extraction system of the coffee roaster. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the exhaust duct and fan are blocked.

Coffee Bean Roaster
Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee beans have a raw taste:

The raw taste of coffee beans is a common problem for many baking novices. In general, too much or too little water content will make the coffee beans have a raw taste. Too much water will lead to no Caramel browning reaction, and too little water will not transfer heat to the inside of coffee beans. Therefore, try to choose coffee beans with the same size and moisture content of 11% – 13% as raw materials.