Commercial Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

Commercial Coffee Bean Roaster
commercial coffee bean roaster
With the help of the commercial coffee bean roaster machine, you can get roasted coffee beans in 15 minutes. Convenient, fast and affordable.

Commercial coffee bean roaster machine is also called a coffee bean roaster or coffee bean baking machine. The taste of coffee is closely related to the baking effect. This machine is the special equipment for coffee baking, with good baking effects and high output.

During baking, the coffee beans gradually release aromatic substances to form a unique flavor. The color of the coffee beans will also change from shallow to deep, the moisture content will gradually decrease, and the volume will gradually expand.

Industrial coffee roasting equipment working video

commercial coffee bean roaster

Structure of the commercial coffee bean roaster machine

The main components of industrial coffee roasting equipment are: feed port, dust collecting fan, dust collector, heating system, barrel, control panel, observation window, sampling spoon, cooling plate, mixing shovel, discharge port, etc

The Structure Of The Coffee Roaster
the structure of the coffee roaster

 How does the coffee roaster machine work?

  1. Before baking, it is necessary to preheat the machine to above 160 ℃.
  2. When the temperature is reached, put the material in. Coffee beans enter the barrel inside the commercial coffee bean roaster through the feed port.
  3. The barrel rotates continuously to achieve the purpose of uniform heating.
  4. In the baking process, the unclean skin will enter the dust collector under the suction of the dust collector fan.
  5. Generally speaking, the whole baking process lasts for 15-20 minutes, and the baking temperature can be set.
  6. During baking, coffee beans will burst like popcorn.
  7. In addition to listening to the sound, you can also observe the roasting degree of coffee beans from the window or sampling spoon.
  8. After baking, open the discharge port to let the coffee beans enter the cooling plate, and there is a mixing shovel in the cooling plate to speed up the cooling process.
Baking Coffee Beans
Baking Coffee Beans

The parameters of the commercial coffee bean roaster

This industrial coffee roaster has two heating modes, electric heating and gas heating. The maximum temperature can be reached is 250-260 ℃, but it is better not to exceed 300 ℃ to avoid damaging the machine.

Only parameters of some electric heating commercial coffee bean roasters are provided here for your reference:

TypeElectric heating power /KWBaking time /minOutput one time /kgSize /cmWeight /kg
commercial coffee roaster machine

According to the table, no matter how many coffee beans you want to bake, the baking time of the coffee beans baking machine is the same. You only need 10-15 minutes to get roasted coffee beans. In Taizy machinery, there are not only commercial coffee roasting machines, but also peanut roasting machines. If you need it, please get in touch with us

Common problems with coffee roasters

  1. How thick is the wall of the inner barrel of the commercial coffee bean roaster?


  1. Is the wall of the tank single or double?

A: There are both single and double layers. But it’s usually single-layer.

  1. What is the material of the machine?

A: Carbon steel or stainless steel. The carbon steel material barrel has better thermal conductivity.

  1. Are there any Vulnerable parts?

A: Dust collecting fan. Every 5-6 times of use, cleaning the dust-collecting fan can extend its service life.

The Stock Of The Coffee Bean Roaster
the stock of the coffee bean roaster