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Single Box Tofu Maker
single box tofu maker

Tofu maker machine is a kind of food machine, which can be used to make soy milk, tofu pudding, tofu, and a series of bean products. Tofu, one of its main products, is the most common and nutritious soy product. It originated from the Han Dynasty in China and has a very long history. It can be matched with a variety of food ingredients. And play its unique role and value in different dishes. As we all know, the traditional method of making tofu is rather complicated. Nowadays, the advent of the tofu maker machine simplifies the cumbersome production process. So that the tofu can be produced in large quantities while maintaining the original taste.

Double Box Of Tofu Maker
Double Box Of Tofu Maker

Tofu maker machine features

  1. One machine is multi-purpose. You can not only use this commercial tofu making equipment to produce soy milk, tofu pudding, all kinds of tofu, but also can produce more soy products with other equipment and processes.
  2. Clean and hygienic. All stainless steel production equipment in line with national food hygiene standards is clean, smooth and easy to clean.
  3. Convenient and fast. It takes only 25 minutes from the soybean raw material to the finished product. And only one person is needed to operate the equipment, which saves time, labor and What’s more it is easy and convenient.
  4. Maintain nutrition. The use of ultra-high temperature steam heating slurry process can not only effectively prevent the destruction of protein, but also avoids the burnt smell of soy milk. This technology can not only maintain the original taste and nutrition of tofu but also make the taste of tofu more delicious.
  5. Do now sell now. It can be made on-site and sold on-site. No backlog, no stock. Consumers can witness the entire production process from soybeans to soy milk and tofu. Really drink reassuring soybean milk, eat reassuring fruits and vegetables colored tofu and delicious nutritious bean flowers.
  6. Various choices. There are many types of commercial tofu maker available for consumers to choose from.
  7. Excellent quality. The tofu maker machine is made of high-quality stainless steel that meets hygienic requirements. Its quality is excellent and its service life can be extended to ten years. It also has the advantages of small areas, simple installation, and advanced technology.
  8. Reasonable price. Compared with similar foreign products, their quality and technology are the same. But the price is a quarter of that of similar foreign models.

How to make tofu and soy milk?

Soybean-Soymilk-Tofu Pudding-Tofu

How is tofu made? In the production process, is soymilk or tofu the first product? Perhaps most people who don’t know about this process have such questions in their hearts. Here, we will tell you the correct production process, and after reading it, you will have an answer.

Tofu pudding and soybean milk are in fact the intermediate products of tofu. Soybean milk is the first product to be made, which is liquid. When the coagulant is added to the soybean milk, the product after a little coagulation is the tofu pudding; when the tofu pudding is compacted in the mold, the product after more coagulation is tofu.

Flow chart of tofu making process

Flow-Process Diagram Of Tofu Maker
The Complete Tofu Making Process

Parameters of the tofu maker

Type JX-60A Single box JX-60B Single box JX-100A Double box JX-100B Double box JX-200A Double box JX-200B Double box JX-300A Double box JX-300B Double box
Size of boiling part(m) 1.5*0.6*1.2 1.5*0.6*1.2 0.7*0.6*1.3 0.7*0.6*1.3 1.3*0.65*1.3 1.3*0.65*1.3 1.5*0.65*1.3 1.5*0.65*1.3
Size of press part(m) —— —— 0.9*0.88*1.3 0.9*0.88*1.3 0.9*0.88*1.3 0.9*0.88*1.3 0.9*0.88*1.3 0.9*0.88*1.3
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v
Electric heating power


12KW 12KW 12KW 12KW 12KW 12KW 24KW 24KW
 Tofu output (kg/h) 30-40 30-40 50 50 100 100 150 150

In Taizy machinery, we have 9 tofu maker machine for sale. Each machine has a corresponding boiling part size, press part size, voltage, electric heating power, and output. How many kilograms of tofu and soymilk do you want in an hour? Please let us know and we will provide you with a detailed product quotation.

Before you buy, you should know about the tofu maker machine

  1. The tofu maker machine materials are high-quality stainless steel materials, the motor is copper core wire. The whole tofu press machine is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life!
  2. Type A is a manual pressure type and Type B is a pneumatic pressure type. The difference between the manual pressing type and the pneumatic pressing type is the molded pressing portion of the tofu maker machine. The manual pressing method is to form the tofu by manual screw pressing. The pneumatic pressing type is pressed by an air pump to shape the tofu.
  3. All models in our factory support modification and customization. Welcome customers to negotiate with us.
Tofu Maker Machine Structure Diagram
Tofu Maker Machine Structure Diagram

Coagulant used in making tofu

  1. Brine: make tofu, color tofu, and tofu pudding. The price is usually 2 yuan a kilo.
  2. Food-grade ripe gypsum: can be made into tofu, color tofu, or tofu pudding. The price is 2 yuan.
  3. Gluconolactone: can be used as water tofu, lactone tofu, lactone box tofu, and Chiba tofu. Usually 20 yuan a pack, one kilogram per pack.

(Note: When making tofu, the amount of brine, gypsum, and gluconolactone is very small, and is generally not included in the cost.)