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Black garlic fermentation machine | Black garlic making machine

black garlic fermentation machine (2)
black garlic fermentation machine (2)

Black garlic fermentation machine is a special machine used to make black garlic. Because the temperature and humidity need to be kept within a certain range during the fermentation process, this machine is also called a constant temperature and humidity test box. Black garlic, also known as fermented black garlic. It is a food made from fresh raw garlic with skin in a fermentation tank for 90-120 days. The fermented black garlic not only retains its original nutrients but also has a sweet and sour taste and no garlic flavor.

a real shot of black garlic fermentation
a real shot of black garlic fermentation


What are the health benefits of black garlic?

After a long period of fermentation, the protein contained in the garlic is decomposed into amino acids, the carbohydrate is decomposed into fructose, and the alliin contained in the garlic is completely retained. After the fermentation of black garlic moisture, fat content decreased, trace element content increased significantly, protein, sugar, vitamins at least twice the amount of ordinary garlic. Black garlic is as soft as jelly after eating in the mouth, and does not have the unique flavor of raw garlic, and does not cause bad stimulation to the stomach.

Studies have shown that black garlic has the functions of antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-acidification, enhancing immunity, regulating blood sugar level, anti-cancer and so on. It is a quick-acting health food.

Black garlic effect
Black garlic effect


The technological process of black garlic fermentation machine:

Raw material selection:

The garlic used for fermentation must be full of flesh and intact. Placement at room temperature will dehydrate the garlic and wilting. If it cannot be fermented as soon as possible, please put the qualified garlic in cold storage with a temperature of 0~-1 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70%~80%. Before fermentation, it is necessary to divide into different specifications according to the size of garlic for fermentation. Care should be taken when soaking and cleaning garlic to avoid damage to the epidermis of garlic. The rinsing time is about 1 minute, and the time is not too long. If the rinsing time is too long, the humidity of the epidermis is too high, which is not conducive to the next fermentation. Soak garlic, dry the skin’s moisture and ferment.

Activation period of Mycin:

Fermentation stage  Time hTemperature  Relative humidity
First stage    30~50h    85℃~95℃    85%
 Second stage    60~110h    65℃~75℃    85%
 Third stage    60~110h    55℃~65℃    85%
Black garlic fermentation machine
Black garlic fermentation machine

Medium temperature fermentation period:

The temperature is 50~60 °C and the humidity is 85%. The medium temperature fermentation was carried out for 20 days, at which time the garlic was basically fermented.

Normal temperature fermentation period:

The temperature was 30 ° C and the humidity was 50%. The final fermentation was carried out for 60 days, at which time the quality of black garlic has reached international standards.

Finished product sterilization:

After 90 days of fermentation, black garlic will produce many fungi and should not be stored. We must sterilize the finished product.

end production black garlic
end production black garlic


Performance specifications of black garlic fermentation machine:

  1. Temperature range: -20-150℃
  2. Humidity range: 20-98% RH
  3. The precision of temperature and humidity control: +0.5℃; +2% RH
  4. Temperature and humidity are evenly distributed: +2.0℃; +3.0% RH
  5. Temperature rising rate: 2-4℃/min (from room temperature to maximum temperature, non-linear no-load)
  6. Cooling rate: 1℃-2℃/min (from room temperature to minimum temperature, non-linear no-load)


The structure of the black garlic fermenter is as follows:

Black garlic fermenter is composed of a freezing system, a safety protection system, an air duct system, a heating system, a humidification system, a temperature sensing system, a water system, and a control system. The inner case of the machine is made of SUS304 mirror stainless steel and the outer case is made of baking varnish steel plate.

stock of our factory
the stock of our factory

How to use black garlic fermentation machine:

  1. Turn on the user power switch, then the NFB switch, then press the temperature and humidity meter switch.
  2. After the temperature and humidity meter displays the normal screen, you can set the work.
  3. The set values of temperature, humidity and time should be based on the requirements of the user to be tested.
  4. After each function table is set, the door must be closed before it can run normally.
  5. Press the controller’s operation switch, the machine can run according to the set temperature and humidity.
  6. When the temperature and humidity meet the requirements of the user’s product, if you want to shut down the machine, the temperature and humidity meter switch of the controller must be turned off. Then the product can be taken out.

Advantages of black garlic fermentation machine:

  1. It adopts South Korea imported 5-inch color touch screen, the screen display is intuitive and easy to operate and has permanent data saving function.
  2. Timing switch function, process flow setting, power cut automatically save data curve and so on.
  3. Real-time fermentation curve analysis can be equipped with RS232, USB data storage connection according to customer requirements.
  4. After the black garlic is fermented, it can automatically return to a normal temperature to ensure the best quality of black garlic.
  5. The advanced (servo refrigerant flow) control technology can effectively achieve an energy saving of more than 50%, and the precise humidity in the control box is ±2%.
  6. When the fermentation is going on, the water tank will alarm when the water level is too low. When the voltage is unstable, the power is automatically cut off, and the equipment can be protected in time.
  7. Adopt pure aluminum fin evaporator to effectively reduce energy storage time and energy saving.
  8. During the fermentation process, if the heating system and the humidification system are abnormal, the controller and over-temperature protection will automatically stop the operation. In the process of black garlic fermentation, avoid the damage of black garlic quality due to machine failure, and protect the interests of the business to the greatest extent.
shipment wood case
shipment wood case


Black garlic fermentation machine parameters:

Inner box size400*400*500600*500*750800*600*8502000*1000*10004000*2200*48005000*2500*6240
Outer box size1000*870*17001150*970*19001350*1150*19502600*1400*21004700*2500*53005700*2800*6740
Garlic storage capacity (kg)153880380600012000
Black garlic output (kg)7.5194019030006000





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