Working Principle and Classification of Cooking Oil Filter Machine

Centrifugal Oil Filter
centrifugal oil filter

The cooking oil filter machine is one of the auxiliary equipment of the oil press, which is essential in the oil pressing process. What is the working principle and classification of a cooking oil filter machine? Now we will introduce it to you.

Function and working principle of centrifugal filter

Edible oil filter machine, also known as the centrifugal oil filter. Its function is to filter and purify contaminated oil products. Then restore or improve the quality of the machine. The oil filter can improve the cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, insulation strength, and color of oil products. Secondly, the machine can effectively remove impurities in oil products to ensure the safe operation of oil equipment.

The Real Shot Of The Cooking Oil Filter Machine
the real shot of the cooking oil filter machine

What are the types of cooking oil filter machine?

  1. Oil filters for filtering impurities, such as plate and frame oil filters, filter oilers, automatic slag removal oil filters, and bag-type oil filters.
  2. Oil filter for filtering impurities, water, and gas, such as vacuum oil purifier and bag type oil filter.
  3. Oil filters restore oil color and regenerate, such as vibrating slag removal and decolorization oil filters, automatic slag removal oil filters, etc.
  4. Cooking oil filter machine with the above functions, and the filtered product has passed the national new oil standard (GB) inspection.