What can a commercial meat cutting machine do?

Beef Cutting Machine
beef cutting machine

The commercial meat cutting machine can cut poultry such as chicken, duck and goose. Also suitable for cutting fish, lamb, beef, etc.
This machine is designed to simulate manual cutting. The principle of cutting is self-developed with the principle of variable speed mechanism and automatic feeding. It is widely used in all kinds of meat processing with bones and without bones. And many other specifications. This machine has a reasonable design, superior performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and strong applicability. It is the ideal meat processing equipment for the majority of users.

What Can A Meat Cutter Do
What Can A Meat Cutter Do

Installing a combination cutter can cut chicken, fish, and spare ribs into different specifications. The cutting length can be adjusted by an eccentric wheel and the cutting length can be adjusted. Because the front knife simulates the manual cutting principle, it adopts the main and auxiliary mechanism and intermittent feeding. Processing and shaping rules, the cut chicken pieces are well organized and there is no waste.

Who has greater demand for commercial meat cutting machines?

  • School and company canteens are very suitable for this cuttting machine. Because companies and school canteens often have to prepare a lot of food, not only the variety is large, but the portion is also large. The efficiency of the machine is much higher than that of the chef’s manual meat cutting. In order to save time and improve the efficiency of cooking, the meat cutter becomes indispensable.
  • The meat cutter is widely used in the meat market. When customers go to the market to buy meat, the saler can process the chicken, pork or beaf very quickly with this commercial meat cutting machine, reducing customers’ time of waiting.
  • The machine is also suitable for large slaughter plants, meat plants, food plants, distribution centers, food processing plants. With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, the business of the slaughterhouse is also growing. The lack of meat cutters will greatly reduce the speed of meat cutting. Now it has become an indispensable tool in work.