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Fried Dough Twist Machine
Fried dough twist machine

Fried dough twist is a kind of special health food in China, and also a kind of traditional food with a long history. Fried dough twist is to twist two or three strips of dough together, and fry them. It also has the name Mahua.  The fried twist is golden and crisp. Different people have different taste preferences for the Mahua. The twist produced by this twist machine has a rich taste, sweet twist tastes sweet and crisp, sweet but not greasy; salty twist tastes fresh and moderate heat.

How to form a fried dough twist production line?

The fried dough twist machine belongs to a kind of food processing equipment, its main work is to replace the manual work of various kinds of twist. But if we want to form a fully automatic production line, we need to complete the twist production process together with a dough mixer, a fryer, and a packaging machine.

Introduction and Parameters of Fried Dough Twist Machines of Different Types:

Single fried dough twist machine:

Type Output Voltage Power Frequency Weight Size
FTMH-20 10KG/H 220V/380v 0.75kw 50hz 100kg 1200*630*750mm
Single Fried Dough Twist Machine Structure
Single Fried Dough Twist Machine Structure

Introduction of single fried dough twist machine

A single twist machine can only produce one Mahua at a time. This machine is mainly suitable for small entrepreneurship projects such as cake shops, small workshops, small facades, etc. It has the characteristics of small volume and higher output than manual work. It is the best choice for entrepreneurs of multi-variety and small-yield retail food.

Working Principle of Single fried dough twisting Machine

Single twist machine is driven by a screw and discharged by rotating force. The twist cutter part adopts electromagnetic control. The cutting tool is continuously cut by power-on and power-off. The machine is equipped with an oil injector to ensure that the twist produced is not sticky and crisp in taste.

Multiple lines fried dough twist machine:

The automatic twist machine can be divided into three hydraulic twist machines and six hydraulic twist machines.

Multiple Line Fried Dough Machine Structure
Multiple Lines Fried Dough Machine Structure

Parameters of Three Hydraulic Twist Machine

Type Output Voltage Power Frequency Weight Size
FTMH-150 50KG/H 380V 5kw 50hz 400kg 1200*630*750mm

 Introduction of Three Hydraulic Twist Machine

This machine is three times more productive than a single-twist machine and can produce three twists in one shot. Overcome the shortcomings of hand-made twists that are not clean and unsanitary. In addition, the twist thickness produced by this machine is uniform and the puffing effect is good after frying.

The working characteristics of three hydraulic twist machines:

This machine consists of three parts, the electronic control part, the face cylinder, the forming part, and the cutter part. The face cylinder of this machine can be heated to ensure that the dough does not change the taste and is not excessively fermented.

Parameter of six hydraulic twist machine:

Type Output Voltage Power Frequency Wight Size
FTMH-300S 150KG/H 380V 6kw 50hz 500kg 1500*1300*1800mm

Introduction of six hydraulic twist machine

Six hydraulic twist machine produces six twists at a time, saving labor. This machine uses a gas pump to cut off and hydraulically squeezes out the material. The twist produced is uniform in size and crisp in taste.

Detail Part Of Mahua Maker
Detail Part Of Mahua Maker

Operation Method of Fried Dough Twist Machine:

Fuel the gear and lubricating parts before starting the machine (butter for external use and sanitary oil for internal use). After starting the machine, see if the direction of rotation is correct, and listen if there is an abnormal sound of the machine. When installing the mold, first use edible oil or water to penetrate the mold, and then install it on the machine. After startup, the discharge is slightly slower at the beginning. When the twist is smooth, the discharge is more. Cut the material into steamed bun-sized pieces and put it into the feeding hopper. The feeder will feed automatically. Note: The dough of the single twist machine should be covered with oilcloth or plastic cloth to avoid air-drying or freeze-drying.

Characteristics of Fried Dough Twist machine:

The machine can produce all kinds of twists of large, medium, small, thick, thin, long and short, multi-strand shapes, which can be increased by more than ten times than manual production. It can add 10%-30% miscellaneous grains (such as cornmeal), which not only improves the nutritional value but also reduces the production cost. The same weight of the twist is larger than the hand-made one. This machine is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary people. It is the ideal product for the production of twisted food factories and fried food stores! We will give you a series of twist recipes for free so that you can avoid the technical concerns of finding twist recipes.

In addition, the injector of this fried dough twist machine adopts a new type of compressor, which has low noise and low power consumption. The automatic injection of oil can prevent the twisted strand from sticking together with the strand. The size of the oil mist from the oil nozzle can be adjusted according to the need, which is beneficial to the frying. The length of the twist is controlled freely and adjusted arbitrarily. This machine greatly improves production efficiency and product quality. It is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary people. It is an ideal production equipment for producing high-quality twists and creating a brand.

Application Fried Dough Twist Maker
Application Fried Dough Twist Maker

Advantages of Mahua Making Machine:

  1. The stainless steel design of the whole fried dough twist machine conforms to the requirements of food hygiene. It is more beautiful and hygienic.
  2. Adding a supporting panel, the operator does not need to throw the dough bit by bit, only needs to put it into the panel about 10 kilograms to produce it automatically. One person can operate 3-5 machines at the same time to save more labor. The problem of uneven twists caused by uneven manual throwing was solved thoroughly.
  3. New improvement of the surface molding mouth, thoroughly solves the problem of twist not spraying oil and twist not bulky!
  4. With the latest improved installation structure, the quality is more stable, the user can easily clean and master the fried dough twist machine!
  5. If the user has a large demand, our company can design the twist production line for the customer, and can achieve the best product with the least amount of manual production!

Economic Benefit Analysis:

Our company manufactures an automatic oil-impregnation twisting machine to produce all kinds of twists of different sizes, thicknesses, and length. The efficiency is more than 10 times higher than that of manual production. The production cost of the automatic twist machine is about 2.8 yuan per kilogram, and the selling price is about 8 yuan. For example, the daily output is 500 kilograms, and the daily profit is about 1,250 yuan. The benefit is very considerable.

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