How to make peanut brittle at home?

Delicious Peanut Brittle
delicious peanut brittle

Peanut brittle has a crisp and sweet taste, and it is one of the casual snacks that many people like. This article will introduce to you in detail how to make peanut brittle at home.

Prepared ingredients

Peanuts 250g

White sugar 250g

Crush The Peanuts
Crush The Peanuts

The practice of homemade peanut candy

  1. Fried peanuts. Put the peanuts in the pan and stir fry first. In the process of frying, pay attention to the low heat, avoid over-frying. Frying until the surface of the peanuts oily, and there will be fragrance overflow.
  2. Place the fried peanuts on the panel and use a rolling pin or other objects to crush the peanuts. Blow off the peanut skin. Too much peanut skin will affect the taste of peanut candy, making it taste bitter.
  3. Boil sugar. Put all granulated sugar in a dry, oil-free pan, boil slowly over low heat, about 10-30 minutes (if using gas or natural gas, about 10 minutes, if it is an induction cooker, it will take 30 minutes). The sign of boiled sugar is to see that the sugar in the pot is not bubbled, the surface is bright, but do not turn black.
  4. Turn off the fire. Pour the crushed peanuts into the pan and stir together with sugar. Quickly spread out on a cutting board, roll it out with a rolling pin while it is hot, about 1 cm thick, and use a knife to smooth the sugar cubes around.
  5. Afterward, cut into finger-sized thin strips while hot. The process must be done quickly while hot. If the sugar has cooled down, it will be very difficult to cut.
  6. Store the prepared peanut candy in a sealed environment to prevent moisture.
Crushed Peanut Brittle
Crushed Peanut Brittle

Tips for making peanut brittle

The process of making peanut candy is very simple, but it is very difficult to make peanut candy delicious. Here are some tips for making peanut candy and help you make delicious peanut brittle

  1. Patience in the process of frying peanuts and boiling sugar. You can’t change the fire just because it takes too long. Otherwise, it will be easy for peanuts to become mushy and sugar to become bitter.
  2. During the forming process of peanut candy, the operation must be quickly, otherwise, the sugar becomes hard and it becomes very difficult to cut.
  3. You can add fried sesame, walnuts, and other nuts during the production process according to your personal taste. Makes peanut candy more crispy.
Roll Out The Peanut Candy With A Rolling Pin
Roll Out The Peanut Candy With A Rolling Pin

how about it? The practice of peanut candy is very simple, right? But if you want to make peanut candy in large quantities, we can provide you with a complete peanut candy production line. This production line completely simulates the method of hand-made sugar. The peanut candy produced is more regular in shape and more crispy in taste.