Jujube pitting machine | Date palm seed removing machine

jujube pitting machine
jujube pitting machine

Jujube pitting machine is a multi-functional machine, which is very suitable for the enucleation of small fruits such as jujube, date palm, gray jujube, olive, and green plum. The treatable fruit has a diameter ranging from 15 to 45 mm, and the enucleation efficiency is very high, and the yield can reach 100~150 kg/h per hour.

The working principle of the jujube pitting machine

Structure and composition

The date palm seed removing machine is mainly composed of a roulette(wheel), a feed bin, a brush, punching needles, a discharge port, a seed outlet, and a fuselage.

structure of the jujube pitting machine
structure of the jujube pitting machine

Working principle:

When the machine is working, first of all, the materials need to be poured into the feed bin. The brush inside the feed bin will continuously push the materials into the holes on the roulette. The wheel rotates continuously. When it is rotated to the nuclear removal system, the needle is pressed from a high place and pressed into the inside of the fruit to pry the core out. There is a baffle at the bottom of the core-removing part, and a small hole is formed in the baffle, and the core can be dropped out of the small hole and then discharged from the seed outlet. The flesh rotates following the wheel and is discharged from the discharge port. A tray can be placed in each of the seed outlet and the discharge port for collection. The whole machine is very convenient to use, and the working efficiency is 8-10 times of manual.

detail information
detail information

Features of the jujube pitting machine:

  1. It has an automatic feeding function. Part of the labor can be omitted, and the brush can replace the labor.
  2. A wide range of applications. It can be used to complete the enucleation work of hawthorn, olive, jujube, bayberry, date palm, and other fruit.
  3. Large output per hour. It can handle 100-150 kg of material per hour.
  4. Support customization. Machines can be made according to customer requirements, such as high-quality 304 stainless steel machines, outsourced 304 stainless steel machines, and carbon steel machines.
  5. Different molds can be made to handle different sizes of fruit.
  6. The whole machine runs smoothly and the operation is simple. An employee can operate 3-4 machines at the same time.
the real shot
the real shot

Technical parameters of the date palm seed removing machine

Type Voltage /V Power /KW Output KG/H enucleation rate% Scope of application/MM
TZ14-16 220/380 1.5 100-130 99 14-16
TZ16-18 220/380 1.5 120-150 99 16-18
TZ18-20 220/380 1.5 150-200 99 18-20
TZ20-22 220/380 2.0 150-200 99 20-22
TZ22-24 220/380 2.0 150-200 99 22-24
TZ24-27 220/380 2.0 150-200 99 24-27
TZ27-30 220/380 2.2 150-200 99 27-30

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