Maintenance of the yogurt processing line

Yogurt Production Line
yogurt production line

How long a yogurt processing line can be used depends not only on the quality of the machine itself but also on routine maintenance. Now let’s take a look at what the daily maintenance work of the yogurt processing line is:

  1. Do a good job of cleaning. After each use, add the cleaning agent to the machine, then run the machine to make the cleaning agent go through every corner of the machine. Then open the outlet valve of the last machine, drain the cleaning agent, and finally brush the machine again, in the same way, using clean water. The cleaning work is completed.
  2. Check the parts of yogurt processing line on time. Don’t take chances with the use of the machine. Don’t think it’s not a big problem to lack a screw. In fact, many safety hazards are caused by the lack of small parts. Therefore, for the vulnerable parts of the machine, the parts that are easy to loosen must be checked regularly. If any missing or damaged parts are found, please replace them in time.
  3. Do the lubrication of the machine. Add lubricant to the machine on time to ensure smooth operation. Guarantee the quality of the lubricant.

 Four requirements for the staff of the yogurt processing line:

  1. The machine will be used correctly. This is the most basic requirement for an operator. First of all, you should be familiar with the processing technology of this production line and understand the parameters and uses of each machine. Second, you must be able to use the machine correctly in accordance with the instructions.
  2. Check the machine on time. When the machine is running, observe the running status of the machine, be able to detect abnormal conditions in time, and stop the machine running. If the machine is not used for a long time, the technician can check the machine regularly to eliminate safety hazards.
  3. As a qualified operator, he should be able to identify the abnormal operation of the machine. That is to say, the workers can judge whether the machine is in trouble according to the noise, the change of operating temperature and the indication of various instruments. In case of any abnormality, cut off the power supply immediately, report to patrol the machine repair, protect the site, and let the machine repair personnel analyze and deal with it.

Machine maintenance: clean the machine in time according to the regulations; ensure that the sliding surface is free of rust and bruise; add lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions and lubrication regulations.