Swing type peanut roaster | Flavored cashew swing oven

Swing Type Peanut Roaster_
swing type peanut roaster_

This swing type peanut roaster uses a plane rotating stirring function, adopts electric heating, coal heating or gas heating, and other methods, and is equipped with a temperature self-control device. It’s different from a small peanut roasting machine. The furnace has high productivity, uniform baking temperature, low food crushing rate, uniform color, and no pollution. It is a piece of ideal processing equipment for roasted cashew nuts, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, and other granular foods.

Application of swing type peanut roaster

This swing-type peanut roaster is used to bake cashew nuts, peanuts, cocoa beans, Korean beans, sugar-coated peanuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and other granular foods.

Swing Oven
swing oven

Working principle of flavored cashew swing oven

The rocking oven starts the heating button for heating, then draws out the flat-shaking sieve, puts the peanuts into the furnace, and starts the machine to make the flat-shaking sieve shake in the furnace. After the baking is mature, swing the clutch handle on the main shaft to stop the swinging sieve. Turn on the discharge port switch to pour out the peanuts, then turn off the switch, put the peanuts in, push them into the oven, swing the clutch handle to make it continue to work.

Advantages of swing type peanut roaster

  • The output of the equipment is much higher than other same model machines, and the internal space is more reasonable.
  • Achieve full automation of the equipment, one-person operation, simple and fast
  • The product quality is excellent, allowing you to use a product that can be used with confidence

Parameter of flavored cashew swing oven

Model size3500x2250x16502400x2000x13503200*2700*1900
Production capacity 50-100kg/h80-100kg/h200–300kg/h
Swing plate size 2000×16001200×1200
Transmission power 1.5KW0.75KW1.1kw
Heating power 72KW36KW70kw