Pepper stem cutting machine | Chili destemming machine

Red Chilli Stem Removing Machine
red chilli stem removing machine

The function of the pepper stem cutting machine is to remove the stems of fresh peppers or dried peppers, and the value of the processed peppers is doubled. With the increase in the production of peppers, more and more farmers have begun to choose large-yield peppers for processing machines to increase their profits of peppers.

Introduction of the pepper stem cutting machine

The pepper stem cutting machine can be used to cut stems or remove the tails of dried and fresh peppers. It can process a variety of peppers of different sizes. We can customize the machine according to the customer’s pepper size. In the past, food processing factories had to manually cut pepper stems. However, because of the pungent substances in peppers, manual cutting of peppers is very slow and hurts hands, so removing the stems of peppers is an arduous task. The pepper cutter can efficiently remove the stems of peppers. Just one person puts the pepper into the hopper, and the machine will automatically complete the processing.

Chili Stem Cutter
Chili Stem Cutter

Features of the pepper stem cutting machine

  • The pepper stem removal machine is very simple to operate: only needs one person to pour peppers. The machine is simple to use and easy to maintain. It can realize the automatic diversion of finished products and waste. It is very suitable for large, medium, and small enterprises, farmers, cooperatives, pepper processing plants, etc.
  • Compared with the traditional pepper removing machine, this pepper stem cutting machine uses high-strength blades, which are not only wear-resistant but also sharper. It can cope with many kinds of peppers on the market, such as chaotian pepper, millet pepper, line pepper, bell pepper, wild san pepper, and other types of peppers.
  • It effectively replaces manual destemming and greatly improves efficiency. Moreover, the equipment runs stably, the operation is simple, and there are a variety of specifications for customers to choose from.

Performance characteristics of the chili destemming machine

This equipment is mainly used for cutting dry and wet pepper stalks. The equipment has high cutting cleanness, low pepper damage, high efficiency, and adapts to different varieties and shapes. The efficiency of a single machine is more than 5 times of ordinary products in the market, and the main machine of the product can be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as conveying, so the automation performance of the whole machine can be remarkably improved.

Parameters of the pepper stem cutting machine

TypeVoltagePowerSizeWeightMaterialCapacity of fresh chiliCapacity of dry chili
TZ-50-2A220v 50hz,1 phase3kw2860*590*1360mm238kgcarbon steel250kg/h120kg/h
TZ-50-2S220v 50hz,1 phase3kw2860*590*1360mm252kg304 stainless steel250kg/h120kg/h
TZ-50-2ALT220v 50hz,1 phase3kw3860*590*1360mm357kgcarbon steel330kg/h180kg/h
TZ-50-2SLT220v 50hz,1 phase3kw3860*590*1360mm362kg304 stainless steel330kg/h180kg/h
TZ-50-2ABIGS220v 50hz,1 phase4.4kw2860*1100*1500mm470kgcarbon steel500kg/h250kg/h
TZ-50-2SBIGS220v 50hz,1 phase4.4kw2860*1100*1500mm482kg304 stainless steel500kg/h250kg/h
TZ-70W-2ATL220v 50hz,1 phase4.4kw3860*680*1600mm476kgcarbon steel400kg/h220kg/h
TZ-70W-2ANF220v 50hz,1 phase4.4kw4860*680*1650mm550kgcarbon steel700kg/h350kg/h
TZ-50-1ATL220v 50hz,1 phase1.5kw3860*600*830mm143kgcarbon steel180kg/h90kg/h
TZ-50-1A220v 50hz,1 phase1.5kw2860*590*850mm95kgcarbon steel120kg/h60kg/h
TZ-200-2ABTL380v 50hz,3 phase6kw6200*860*2200mm1370kgcarbon steel900kg/h500kg/h
TZ-200-2ABIGGERS380v 50hz,3 phase8kw6800*1100*2700mm1575kgcarbon steel1000kg/h800kg/h
TZ-300-2ABIGGERS380v 50hz,3 phase8kw8200*1100*2800mm2100kgcarbon steel2000kg/h1000kg/h

In addition, our company is equipped with a vegetable washing machine and a vegetable cutting machine to help you deal with pepper. If you need, please feel free to contact us.