Stem Cutting Procedure of Red Chilli Stem Removing Machine

The red chilli stem removing machine fills the market vacancy that there is manual stalk removing but no machine processing stalk removing. The chilli stem cutting machine produced by our factory is powered by a household 220-volt 2.2-kilowatt motor, which greatly improves the production flexibility of the machine. It can work in any field and is an ideal machine for pepper farmers, pepper processing plants, large pepper growers, and pepper dealers.

Red Chilli Stem Removing Machine
red chilli stem removing machine

Red chilli stem removing machine is a machine for removing pepper handles, which can process many kinds of pepper. Just pour chilli by one person. The machine is simple to use, easy to maintain and can realize the automatic separation of finished products and waste materials. The machine can process dry pepper and fresh pepper. The cleaning rate is above 95%.

Stem cutting procedure of red chilli stem removing machine

In the rolling process of the screen barrel of the chilli stem removing machine, the outside cutter and the screen barrel wall generate mechanical hinge force on the pepper handle that penetrates the screen hole to achieve the purpose of removing the pepper handle.

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