Automatic chain type barbecue grill machine

Automatic Chain Type Barbecue Grill Machine
automatic chain type barbecue grill machine

The automatic chain-type barbecue grill machine is a new type of barbecue equipment. The method of gas heating was used to heat the baking skewers continuously. During the barbecue process, it doesn’t produce any smoke or dust.

The structure of the automatic chain-type barbecue grill machine:

This barbecue machine is mainly composed of a protective cover, a chain device, a heating device, and a power control device.

  1. The shield is mainly to protect the main body of the machine.
  2. There are two 5-meter-long chains on the left and right sides of the barbecue grill machine, and there are sockets for putting meat kebabs on the chains. The socket is composed of a spring chuck and a universal joint socket. It is very convenient to pull out and insert. According to the different needs of customers, the number of sockets can be adjusted between 60 and 90.
  3. The fuel consumed by the barbecue grill machine is liquefied petroleum gas, and the heating source is provided by four groups (8) of infrared burners, and the heating is uniform. Each infrared burner can be individually controlled to achieve control of different temperature requirements.
  4. The power controller can control the operation of the whole machine. It uses excellent electrical components and has a service life of 5-10 years.
A Real Shot Of The Barbecue Grill Machine
A Real Shot Of The Barbecue Grill Machine

Working principle of automatic gas barbecue grill machine:

The barbecue grill machine chain is driven by a 120-watt variable speed motor, and the operator can adjust the speed to achieve the appropriate speed of operation. In the middle of the two groups of chains is the running space of meat kebabs. skewers and two groups of chains are always in a horizontal state. The chain drives 75 baked products to circulate counter-clockwise around four groups of infrared burners. The burning surface of four groups of burners is vertical to the ground, transferring heat from the sides to the middle, and the heat projected to the surface of baked products can be adjusted freely at 100-300 degrees Celsius.

When the baked product moves to the top layer with the chain, the infrared burner bakes the bottom of the skewers. While the baked product runs to the second layer of the infrared burner, it bakes the top of the kebab. When the kebab passes through the third layer of the burners, the bottom of the kebab is baked. The fourth group of inclined burners is used to compensate for the temperature. At the same time, using the principle of upward movement of hot airflow, the heat loss of the second and third layers will rise to the first layer of the machine, which can reheat the top layer repeatedly, in order to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Application Of Barbecue Grill Machine
Application Of Barbecue Grill Machine

Advantages of the smokeless and dust-free grill:

  1. All stainless steel fuselage. Beautiful appearance, in line with food hygiene standards.
  2. Chain barbecue mode is adopted, heating is uniform, barbecue time is short and no lampblack is produced.
  3. The infrared burner is designed with a carbon fiber heating tube, which solves the problem of restricting the use of open fire in some special places. Its application is more extensive and can reach 360-degree heating without a dead angle.
  4. Using the principle of upward movement of hot airflow, the lost heat can be reused at the top of the barbecue grill to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.
Barbecue Making Machine (2)
Barbecue Making Machine (2)

Contrast advantages with other grills:

Compared with the traditional grill:

  1. The smoke and dust of the charcoal grill are very unsanitary and pollute the environment.
  2. Because of the unstable temperature of the charcoal fire, the baked products are not uniformly heated and the efficiency is low. In addition, it is necessary to reserve burned charcoal, which is expensive and costly.
  3. The technical requirements for operators are high, and operators need skilled experience. Otherwise, the phenomenon of unripe or over-heated kebabs is easy to occur.
  4. Single-action operation 1-hour production rate comparison: 100—200 skewers of traditional barbecue machine, 500-800 skewers of this barbecue making
  5. To achieve the output quality and speed of this barbecue machine, several times more manpower is needed.

Compared with ordinary barbecue grills:

  1. The contrast of product quality: Uneven heating of ordinary grill results in poor taste of grilled skewers. All baked products in this grill are uniformly heated at 360 degrees and of the same quality. The baking process is smokeless and dust-free.
  2. Gas consumption comparison: ordinary grill consumes 1.5-2 kilograms of gas and this barbecue machine 2 kilograms.
  3. Economic Benefit Comparison: The barbecue machine can be used for a period of 5-10 years with a single investment of several thousand yuan, only one person can operate this machine.
  4. Labor cost comparison: If the ordinary grill has reached the speed and quality of this barbecue machine, it needs more than 3 people. With a salary of 5,000 yuan per person per month, and 10 months of work per year, 3*5000*10=150000. The capital is huge.
  5. Appearance comparison: The appearance of the ordinary grill has not been innovative for many years. The design of this barbecue machine is novel and interesting, has certain ornamental characteristics, and can greatly satisfy consumers’ curiosity about new things. It can be a good advertising effect for the merchants used.

Chain type barbecue machine grill parameters:

  1. Machine size: 1000*1600*600mm.
  2. Machine weight: 75KG.
  3. Voltage: 120
  4. Baking time: 10-20 minutes (different baking materials, the different time required).
  5. Production: 500-800 s

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A Real Shot Of This Machine
A Real Shot Of This Machine