Fruit and vegetable washing line successfully sold to Morocco

Vegetable And Fruit Washing Line
vegetable and fruit washing line

In September 2019, Moroccan customers sent inquiries to the fruit and vegetable washing line to our sales manager. He said that he had a lot of fruits and vegetables to be treated and wanted to save heavy labor. He wants a line that can completely clean the fruits and vegetables, not only the stem and leaf vegetables but also the root vegetables and fruits. According to his request, our sales manager recommended a root and stem vegetable and fruit washing line.

Classification of fruit and vegetable washing lines:

According to the type of vegetables to be cleaned, it can be divided into root fruit and vegetable washing lines and leaf fruit and vegetable washing lines.

The root fruit and vegetable cleaning line is mainly composed of a brush type cleaning machine, a lifting machine, a bubble type cleaning machine, a dehydrator, and a vacuum packaging machine.

The stem and leaf fruit and vegetable washing line is mainly composed of a bubble type washing machine, a hoist, a dehydrator, and a vacuum packaging machine.

The root fruit and vegetable cleaning line are also suitable for the cleaning and peeling of roots vegetables with peeling needs, such as potato and cassava.

Washed Vegetable
Washed Vegetable

Why choose to work with us:

  1. The quality is reliable. All machines in this line are made of thick stainless steel sheets that are strong and durable.
  2. Large production output. A large number of vegetables can be washed in a unit time, and the cleaning efficiency is ten times that of manual cleaning.
  3. The cleaning effect is good. The double cleaning of the bubble cleaner and the brush cleaner can effectively remove mud and pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables and fruits.
  4. A wide range of applications. It can be used not only for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables but also for the treatment of Chinese herbal medicines and seafood products.
  5. Long save time. Vacuum-packed vegetables not only greatly extend their own preservation time, but also preserve the original taste of the food.

The application area for vegetable cleaning line:

  1. Can be used to clean stem and leaf vegetables. Since the stem and leaf vegetables are relatively soft, the brush in the brush cleaning machine can be set to soft hair or directly use a bubble cleaner instead of the brush cleaning machine in this production line.
  2. Roots fruits and vegetables. Cleaning roots fruits and vegetables require a lot of force, and you can use a brush cleaning machine. For fruits and vegetables that need to be peeled, you can change the brush to a hard brush and peel off while washing.
  3. Clean Chinese herbal medicine. For example, Polygonum, Codonopsis and so on.
  4. Wash the aquatic products. Can be used to clean oysters, squid, etc.

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