How to use a dryer to dry chilis

Chili Drying Machine
chili drying machine

The chili harvest season is intact during the rainy season. In general, the frequency of autumn rain is more than 70%-80%. If the pepper cannot be dried in time, it will cause very serious mildew. Therefore, at this time, how to dry the pepper is particularly important.

What’re the advantages of the chili dryer?

Based on the above situation, Taizy Company has developed a pepper dryer suitable for the customers after long-term special research. Compared with the traditional dryer, it has obvious advantages.

Traditional dryers not only dry fewer materials, but also consume more energy, and the cost is relatively high. This new type of hot pepper dryer has a thermal efficiency of up to 400%, and its running cost is only 1/3 of gas and coal. And the unit will generate cold air during operation, which can improve the working environment of the workshop. The drying styles are diversified, and the sizes are generally customized. It can also be modified to meet the various needs of customers.

Chili Dryer
Chili Dryer

Chili drying process

Segmented drying is currently a superior method for chili drying, that is, chilies with a moisture content of 75% to 85% are dried for the first time to a moisture content of about 50%. Then perform “sweating on the pile”, and then perform a second drying after that.

What is the sweating on the pile?

sweating on the pile: It is an important step in the drying process of peppers. Whether to use this step has a great impact on the quality of peppers, drying time and amount. There are obvious softening and swelling phenomena during the drying process. The main effect of stepping on sweat is to adjust the quality of pepper and make the pepper oil penetrate to the surface. This can ensure that the dried peppers are consistent in color, ruddy and smooth, and promote the moisture content of the peppers to balance.

Drying Machine
Drying Machine

If you do not sweat on the pile, it takes 63 hours to dry 1,000 kg of hot peppers at a hot air temperature of 40-60 ° C. After sweating on the pile, it can be shortened to about 20-40 hours, and the mottled color is significantly reduced. When the peppers are sweating on the pile and enter the second drying, it should not be turned too much, otherwise, the damage rate of chili will be increased and the sales price will be reduced. Different amounts of different types of peppers have slightly different drying times.

Of course, this dryer can not only be used to dry peppers, but it also has a wide range of applications. Recently, many customers have purchased this machine for drying fruits, tea, chrysanthemum, and Chinese herbal medicine. Some customers also use it to dry mosquito coils, wood, clothes, etc.