Nut coating machine | sugar / pill coated machine

nut coating machine
nut coating machine

Nut coating machine is an essential machine for wrapping sugar-coated clothes for pills, peanuts, cashews, etc. It can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and the food processing industry. The syrup and the chips are evenly mixed by the continuous rotation of the pot.

The structure of the Nut coating machine:

The sugar-coated machine is mainly composed of a fuselage, a worm wheel box, a sugar-coated pot, a heating device, a spray gun, a motor, a temperature-controlled probe and the like.

the structure of the machine
the structure of the machine

The working principle of the nut coating machine:

The syrup, the composite pulp, the chocolate syrup and the like are sprayed in the sugar-coated pot by a spray gun, and the pot body is continuously rotated clockwise to uniformly mix the syrup and the chips. At the same time, the hot air cyclotron device in the pot body continuously introduces hot air, so that the moisture in the sugar coating film on the surface of the chip is continuously evaporated. Thereby achieving the purpose of coating and polishing.

Why should we wrap a sugar coat?

For snacks:

The purpose of wrapping syrup on the surface of peanuts and nuts is to improve the taste of peanuts and nuts and to create different taste levels.

For pills:

  1. Regulation of drug release.
  2. Improving the stability of tablets to prevent oxidative denaturation caused by light or air.
  3. Overcoming the disadvantage of bad taste and not easy to swallow.
  4. Isolate compatible drugs.
a real shot of the nut coating machine
a real shot of the nut coating machine

How to use the nut coating machine

  1. Turn on the power.
  2. Connect the air supply through the air pipe connector on the lower side of the machine body.
  3. Add the coating liquid into the liquid cylinder.
  4. Turn on the power supply and adjust the running speed of the main engine.
  5. Turn on the air intake switch and the air intake fan starts to work.
  6. Adjust the temperature controller to the temperature you need. At this time, if the actual temperature is lower than the set value, the heater power is turned on and the heater begins to heat. If the actual temperature is higher than the set value, the heater power is disconnected and the heater stops heating.
  7. Turn on the spray gun switch, and the spray gun starts to work.
  8. The machine starts to run and the material is evenly coated.


Advantages of the nut coating machine:

  1. The production effect is good. The final product surface is smooth.
  2. Save energy. The heating system consists of two parts, heating tube heating, and hot air cyclotron heating. These two parts can be used separately as needed.
  3. Feeding and discharging are convenient. The pot can be tilted 30 degrees for easy material removal.
  4. Wide range of uses. It can be used to make crispy peanuts, Japanese beans, etc. It can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Smooth operation and low noise.


How to make the costed peanut?

The parameter of the pill coated machine:

Model TZ-800 TZ-900
The diameter of the barrel Outer diameter:777mm

Inner diameter:700mm

capacity 100KG/H 120KG/H
Motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Electrical heating power 6kw 8kw
Dimension 1000mm*900mm*1100mm 1100mm*900mm*1500mm
Weight 200kg 220kg


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