Chopped pepper production line

Chopped Pepper Production Line
chopped pepper production line

The chopped pepper production line is a production line that integrates pepper cleaning, cutting, sieving, weighing, and mixing. Spicy ingredients in the pepper can stimulate the appetite and increase digestion. And the pigment in the pepper has an antioxidant function. In particular, the vitamin C content of peppers ranks first among all vegetables. As an important seasoning, pepper is generally processed into dried chili or made into chili sauce, pickled pepper sauce, or processed into a spicy flavored compound seasoning with chili as an auxiliary.

How to make chopped pepper sauce?

The process of making chili sauce:

Pepper raw materials – cleaning – distribution – chopping – screening – mixing – pickling – weighing packaging

Supporting equipment of chopped pepper production line:

Pepper washing machine – dealer/distributor – pepper cutting machine – roller screening machine – screw conveyor – blender and weighing machine

Work Flow Of Chopped Pepper Production Line
The Workflow Of The Chopped Pepper Production Line

The production process of chopped pepper sauce:

Step 1: Raw material cleaning (pepper cleaning machine)

The pepper washing machine is the first machine in the chopped pepper production line. The pepper washing machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and is mainly composed of a water tank, roller, conveyor belt, high-pressure water jet nozzle, motor, and other devices. This machine uses high-pressure spray and vortex bubble tumbling to clean the pepper. The pepper is placed in the water tank, and the water in the water tank is continuously tumbling to form a bubble. And the air bubble generates a strong impact force when it comes into contact with the material, which can clean the dirt on the surface of the material and the residual pesticide.

In the process of the material rising with the conveyor belt, the high-pressure spray water pipe will clean the material twice to achieve a thorough cleaning. By the way, you’d better cut off the pepper stems first.

Washing Machine
Washing Machine

Step 2: Distribution (distributor / depiler)

The distributor is the key to increasing production efficiency in the chopped pepper production line. And this machine supports customization. The efficiency of a single pepper cutter can’t keep up with the speed of the pepper washing machine. Therefore, after the cleaning is completed, the pepper needs to be first transferred to the hopper of the distributor. The machine is very simple in structure, and each conveying pipe has a screw-pushing device that can transport the peppers to different pepper-cutting machines at the same time.


Step 3: Cutting pepper ( pepper cutting machine )

The pepper cutting machine is also called a multi-function cutting machine, which is suitable for cutting all vegetables and fruits in a chopped pepper production line. This machine mimics the principle of artificially cutting peppers, and can process pepper products of various shapes such as pepper segments, pepper rings, and pepper blocks.

In addition, the length of the cut section can be adjusted arbitrarily within 2-30mm, satisfying customers who have different requirements on the output and length of the cut. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation, and strong adaptability. It is the best choice to replace artificially cut pepper, which can maximize the economic benefit of pepper processing users.

Pepper Cutting Machine
Pepper Cutting Machine

Step 4: Screening (roller screening machine)

The roller screening machine is composed of a motor, a reducer, a roller device, a frame, a rapping device, a sealing cover, an inlet, an outlet, etc. The roller unit is mounted obliquely on the frame. The motor is connected to the drum device by the reducer through the coupling, which drives the drum device to rotate around its axis. The main purpose of screening is to remove peppers that have not been cut off or whose size does not meet the requirements, and then transmit them to the pepper cutter through the conveyor belt for further cutting. The machine is equipped with a dust-proof cover, which can reduce noise while creating a good working environment.

Screening Machine
Screening Machine

Step 5: Conveyor (screw pusher)

In the chopped pepper production line, screw conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, and so on. But it is not suitable for conveying viscous, caking, and changeable materials. Its characteristics are as follows: good sealing, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost, and convenience for intermediate loading and unloading. This machine can be matched with the last step of weighing the mixer. When the set weight is reached, the screw conveyor can automatically stop feeding. After mixing, the material can be fed again.

Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor

Step 6: Weighing and Mixing (Weighing and blender machine)

This machine integrates weighing and mixing. There is a weight sensor in the lower part of the machine. When the set weight is reached, the signal is automatically sent to the screw pusher to stop the transportation. When the material enters the machine, it begins to stir. During the stirring process, salt, edible oil, and other food additives or condiments are added to make the flavoring. After the production is completed, the material can also be discharged automatically. It’s very convenient and fast to use.

Blender And Weighing Machine
Blender And Weighing Machine

Advantages of the chopped pepper production line:

  1. Support customization. It can buy either a production line or a stand-alone machine. Each machine can be customized according to the needs of customers.
  2. All the machines in the chili sauce production line are made of 304 stainless steel of high quality to avoid rusting and corrosion in long-term contact with water and salt.
  3. Noise is low, and most of the components are using internationally renowned brands.
  4. High yield, dry pepper can reach 120-150 kg per hour, wet pepper can reach 200-300 kg per hour.
A Real Shot Of The Chopped Pepper Production Line
A Real Shot Of The Chopped Pepper Production Line

Detailed parameters of chopped pepper production line:

Name Size (mm) Power weigh(Kg) Output/h Function
Washing machine 4800*1200*2200  A 0.75 kW speed-regulating speed-reducing motor, a 0.75 kW speed-reducing motor and a 1.5 kW eddy motor 500kg 3000-5000Kg Cleaning the surface of fresh chili pepper and removing the heavy substances such as sand and stone
Conveyor 6000*750*2300 0.75KW 210kg Transport pepper
distributor 2500*900*1700 0.75KW 160kg Screening peppers that are not cut or do not conform to the size
Pepper cutting machine 1300*570*860 1.5kw 170kg 120-150kg It is suitable for the processing of dry and fresh chili peppers with a length of 2-16 mm.
Roller screening machine 1800*2000*1500 0.75kw 250kg Adjust the number of distributors according to the output demand
Return long conveyor 5000*550*1100 0.75kw 150kg Transport pepper
Return small conveyor 2000*450*1500 0.75kw 90kg Transport pepper
Screw conveyor 1800*900*1700 0.75kw 90kg Transport pepper
Blender and weighing machine 1000*870*780 1.5kw 90Kg 150KG Cooperate with pepper chopper, stir pepper and salt evenly.


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