Ice cream cone machine

Ice Cream Cone Machine
ice cream cone machine

Ice cream cone machine is one of the indispensable machines for making ice cream. Nowadays, some fast food brands such as McDonald’s and KFC still use cones to carry ice cream. Crisp cones can bring a different taste to ice cream. The ice cream cone is made of flour as the main ingredient, and different taste cones are made by adding different ingredients. For example, add milk, honey, eggs and so on. This machine is suitable for dessert shops, fast food restaurants, snack streets, cinemas, cake house, and other places.

Application Of Cone Making Machine
Application Of Cone Making The Machine


What are the main components of the ice cream cone machine?

Ice cream cone machine is mainly composed of frame, mold, electrical parts, etc.

Frame: The frame is welded by alloy. Mainly used for carrying molds, motors, etc. There is a slideway under the molds so that the finished product can slide out smoothly, and it can also be used for heat insulation.

Mold: The mold consists of an upper mold and a lower mold. The upper mold is a core head, and the lower mold is placed on the frame corresponding to the upper mold. The lower mold template is divided into three pieces (the egg cones machine with more than 32 heads is divided into five pieces), the middle template is fixed, and the front and rear two pieces are movable. When the cone is mature, hold the traction handles at both ends of the lower mold at the same time, and push forward to open the lower mold. After removing the cone, pull it back to lock the lower mold.

There are a variety of design styles for the mold, you can choose according to your needs.

Real Shot 4 Type
Real Shot 4 Type


Electrical part: The electronic control components are centrally loaded under the rack, and can be pulled out as a whole after the screw is loosened.

The functions of this part are:

  1. Introduction and protection of power supply;
  2. Adjust and control the working temperature of the die so as to keep it within the range of setting.
  3. Cooperate with the travel switch behind the rack, through the time relay and the bell, report that the baking time has arrived and the egg cone is ripe.
Real Shot 10 Type
Real Shot 10 Type

Operating methods and precautions of the ice cream cone machine:

  1. Paste configuration: The egg cone is baked from the flour paste. The quality of the flour paste directly affects the quality, taste, and yield of the finished product.
  2. Mould cavity heating: Pre-adjust the baking temperature on the temperature controller. The new machine generally temporarily sets the upper mold at 220℃ and the lower mold at 200℃. Then the temperature is heated by electricity until it reaches the set temperature (about 30-40 minutes).
  3. Trial-baking: After putting in the paste, make the egg cone with 90 seconds as the baking cycle. Look carefully at the finished product that was tested out for the first time. If not ripe, please extend the baking time or increase the temperature of the upper and lower molds; if there is scorch, the heating time should be shortened or the temperature of the upper and lower molds should be reduced appropriately. The test model must be patient. The threshold of temperature and time should be 10℃ and 5 seconds for each change. It can not be increased or decreased too much at one time. The upper mold should not exceed 250℃ and the lower mold should not exceed 240℃.
  4. Formal production: If the trial baking is successful, it can be put into production. During production, sundries should be removed to make the site clean and civilized. A basket or box can be placed at the outlet of the discharge chute to take over the falling finished products.
Real Shot 32 Type
Real Shot 32 Type

Common troubles and troubleshooting of ice cream cone machine:

Fault phenomenaCausesExclusion method
Egg cone is incomplete1. The paste is too thick.

2. The upper mold closing speed is slow.

3. The slurry is less loaded.

1. Add water to adjust the consistency of the pulp.

2. Speed up the operation.

3. Increase the amount of feed.

Too much paste overflowed1. The paste is too thin.

2. The top mold closing speed is too fast.

3. There is too much slurry.

1. Adjust the consistency of flour paste.

2. Slow down the operation speed.

3. Adjust the feeding quantity.

Stick mold1. Inappropriate formulation of flour paste.

2. Baking time is short, not cooked.

3. Baking temperature is low, not cooked.

4. The temperature difference between the upper and lower molds is unreasonable.

5. Burnt.

1. Check if the ingredients are proper.

2\3 properly extend the baking time or increase the baking temperature.

4\5 According to the above, re-adjust the mold temperature.

All or part of the ring is not neatInsufficient combination of upper and lower molds.Adjust the position of the upper mold to make it fully contact
The temperature out of control1. The temperature-sensing rod falls off.

2. Damage of temperature sensor.

3. Damage of temperature controller.

1. Insert in situ and tighten.

2. Replacement.

3. Maintenance or replacement.

Partially undercooked1. The wiring of an electric heating pipe falls off.

2. Damage of electric heat pipe

1. Check whether fuses, wires, and joints are burnt or loosened.

2. Replacement

Temperature is not constant and drops gradually.1. Insufficient voltage.

2. The power of the electric heat pipe is insufficient.

3.Loosening of pneumatic connection

1. Extend the baking time.

2. Reproduction when voltage is restored.

3. Check the temperature controller, contactor and their connecting wires and fix them again.

No alarm at the setting  time1. The stroke switch is not pressed down.

2. The line is not available.

3. The time relay is damaged.

4. The bell is damaged.

1. Adjust the position of the travel switch.

2. Check the circuit and turn it on.

3. Repair or replace.

4. Repair or replace.

Real Shot 40 Type
Real Shot 40 Type

Ice cream cone machine parameters:

The main technical parameters of the 12 and 32 type cone machines are as follows:

Quantity of one-time molding (a)1232
Output(per hours)300—350800—1000
Baking time (seconds)About 90About 90
Opening and closing mode operationManualManual
Power (kW)716.6
Voltage (V)220380

(Replacing different molds can produce different shapes of egg cones to increase the variety of patterns.)

Stock Of Ice Cream Cone Machine
The Stock Of Ice Cream Cone Machine


You can also buy a hard ice cream machine to making a processing line.

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