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Smoke Ovensmoke Oven
smoke oven

The smoke oven is used to smoke meat products by using volatile substances produced by incomplete combustion of wood. The purpose of smoking meat products is, on the one hand, to dehydrate meat products and to obtain the special flavor of meat in the making process. On the other hand, it is for sterilization and disinfection to prolong the shelf life of meat products. The smoke oven is indispensable equipment for making sausage, roast duck, bacon, roast chicken, seafood, and other meat products. It is widely used in the food processing industry and the meat processing process.

Commercial Sausage Smoke Oven
commercial sausage smoke oven

The main function and structure of the meat smoke oven

The smoke stove has the functions of cooking, drying, baking, smoking, coloring, etc., and has a very good energy-saving effect.

The smoke oven consists of an oven body and a smoke generating device. The oven body includes the motor, axial fan, heat-conducting plate, temperature probe, U-type electric heating pipe on both sides, sewage outlet, independent air duct and flue, large transparent glass window, adjustable support leg, moving wheel; smoke generating chamber is divided into external generating smoke chamber and built-in generating smoke chamber.

Material Details-1
Material Details-1
Machine Details-2
Machine Details-2
Machine Details-3
Machine Details-3

Introduction of each part:

  1. The oven body: All internal components and external walls of the smoke oven are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and conforms to food hygiene standards. The mainframe sandwiches are filled with imported high-temperature-resistant materials to enhance the insulation effect.
  2. Motor: Imported products are used for key electrical components such as the motor, the touch screen of a full-automatic sausage smoke oven, a programmable controller and relay, a solenoid valve, and so on. The quality is guaranteed.
  3. Cooking part: Steam heating needs to install a steam generator outside the machine. The steam generated can directly heat the products in the oven.
  4. Axial fan: The fan is made of aluminum material, light in weight, fast in speed, and can distribute temperature evenly.
  5. Smoke chamber: There is a feeding port on the upper part of the smoking room, and there is a stirring ruler inside to facilitate the even distribution of wood chips to the heating plate. The heating plate is composed of several M-shaped heating tubes, which can increase the smoke area and speed up the temperature rise.

The working principle of the smoke oven:

Cooking function:

To achieve the cooking function, a steam generator is required to connect to the outside of the machine. The produced steam enters the inside of the machine through a steam pipe. The steam generating device can be electrically heated, natural gas heated, gas heated, and the like.

Drying function:

Electric heating and drying: First, heating the heat pipes on both sides of the machine, and the dissipated heat is evenly distributed inside the machine through the axial flow fan. Heat passes through the deflector and circulates inside the machine.

Steam heating and drying: Steam heats the copper coil tube on the upper part of the machine, and the copper coil tube will dissipate the heat. The axial fan draws in heat and evenly distributes it to various parts inside the machine. During the steam heating of the copper coil tube, the steam becomes condensed water and is discharged through the trap.

Smoke function:

Compared with the internal smoke oven, the external smoking device has the advantage that the smoke size and the smoke concentration can be freely controlled. Moreover, the smoke will be filtered during the process of entering the oven body, so that the content of the 3, the 4-benzene-propylene ratio in the smoke is greatly reduced, and the harm to the human body is reduced. When the salmon is cold-smoked, the temperature in the oven is 0–30℃ under the driving of the compressor, and the smoking generating device is normally smoked.

Application Market
application market

Coloring function:

This smoke oven can color meat simultaneously during the smoking process. If you want to smoke the material into a light yellow color, add sugar to the sawdust; if you want to smoke the material into a brown color, add brown sugar. The color can be determined by the sugar content.

Parameters of the smoker:

Size (cm)240*151*300135*151*300140*150*252110*198*17873*67*85
Total power11kw(Steam heating)15kw13kw11kw10kw
Maximum High-Pressure Oven Temperature120℃120℃100℃100℃100℃
Steam consumption140kg/h70kg/h50kg/h30kg/h30kg/h
High-Pressure Steam Pressure0.3-0.12Mpa0.3-0.8Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa
Low-Pressure Steam Pressure0.05-0.1Mpa0.05-0.1Mpa0.1Mpa0.1Mpa0.1Mpa

Characteristic of the smoke stove:

  1. The pilot steam valve controls the steam flow rate, the temperature control is accurate, and the operation is reliable. The temperature difference of the whole smoke oven body is less than 1℃.
  2. The fan blades are checked by the dynamic balance of 3000 r/m, and the maximum wind speed can reach 25 m/s, which ensures the uniform temperature of the product during the baking process.
  3. The smoke-generating device adopts a wood grain smoker, the smoke is stable, the coloring is fast, and the smoke entering the box is clean and hygienic.
  4. Equipped with a high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning the dirt in the coil tube and flue pipe, and also equipped with nozzles of various angles in the coil tube and flue pipe.

In addition, we also have meat processing machines such as bone meat separators and barbecue grill machines. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

How to choose smoked wood?

Smoked wood is generally beech, birch, oak, apple tree more, some areas will also use rice bran, tea, or use Chinese medicine, orange peel and so on. Pine, elm, peach, apricot, and other trees with high resin content will produce black smoke; persimmon, mulberry, and other materials will produce odor, and are not suitable for smoking wood.

How to smoke the meat in an oven?

Firstly, set the required parameters, such as heating time, temperature and so on. Then the material is put into the matching trolley of the smoke oven, and press the start button. First, the drying operation is carried out. When the appropriate requirements are met, the smoking device is opened and the smoking production is carried out. After finishing, the machine will automatically alarm.